So Lonely

10 Sep 2008

Our friends Michael and Johanna recently wrote great posts about the current upswing in collective loneliness. It may seem at odds with our web of connections, but with each wave of tech comes new feelings of alienation. Wondering if that’s what put the walkies in this Police video.


  1. 11 Sep 2008 nerditry


    Is everyone lonelier or are new mediums coming out to express feelings that have been common eternally?

    Are we more lonely in making limitless new connections online and knowing that we’ll never “meet” in person?

    I think it’s more actualization of existing feelings and ideas. Someone that couldn’t get a date and tries and eharmony will feel exponentially moreso if those avenues don’t pan out, either.

  2. 16 Sep 2008 Yianni Garcia


    I don’t know what you’re talking about. promises that you’ll meet someone special within 6 months or you get 6 months free.


    I love that new Dentyne ad campaign although if I made out with everyone who friend requested me I’d probably have a mega mutant strain of herpes.

  3. 16 Sep 2008 Yianni Garcia

    It’s ok to look.