29 Sep 2008

young bucks

So could this American Experiment actually be failing? Our money now being held evermore by 3 banks and an increase of our $1.5 trillion debt to China? We’re obese and broke, sans national healthcare. In the effort to shore up national pride, soon comes an increase in religion and xenophobia. Emigration from the US to…?

In rejecting the bailout today, “…Jeb Hensarling, Republican of Texas, said he intended to vote against the package, which he said would put the nation on ‘the slippery slope to socialism.’” (jebber, it aint socialism, it’s regulation) And while I do love a bull market, I’m wondering where our killer capitalism is truly taking this young empire. Do people now work ‘harder/longer’ or say f*ck it?


  1. 29 Sep 2008 nerditry

    The fact is that this is not going to “affect” people directly, so there will be tons of cognitive dissonance based on the knowledge that citizens played no part in the decision-making process. But, it’s really going to dissipate once the price tag isn’t the thing going and it’s social services being cut by the next President.

    The bailout isn’t to keep people from losing their homes, that’s already begun. It’s not about keeping the CEO’s personally solvent, because they already got their money. It’s a ploy to keep the current infrastructure from crumbling and having to be remade. Those who are in control of the infrastructure haven’t gone anywhere and our elected officials are keeping them from having to deal with us.