Difference Engine.

23 Jul 2007

What’s interesting?
The lightest points always grab our interest.
Movement grabs our interest.
Promise is interesting.
New is interesting.
Loud is interesting, as is weird.
We’re vying for interest. Your interest.
Info-sthetics manages understanding information, but not interest.
Entertainment manages interest, but often, not understanding.
Interest begets entertainment, understanding, motivation, and the flip reverse of this.
The things that are often the least interesting, if painted in the right manner, would grip us in blockbuster numbers, which would change the world.
Colors are interesting.
Texture is interesting.
Conflict and emotion are interesting.
Suffering? interesting.
Interest fuels emotion. More often, emotion fuels interest.
What do you want? What are you looking for? What’s in it, for you? What’s your bag? Deal? Situation?
What are you interested in?

Interesting: Speech.
Interesting: TED.
Interesting: Understanding.
Interesting: Love.

(p.s. since posting this entry, the cyclist pictured above tested positive for an homologous blood transfusion, meaning he was caught illegally transfusing somone else’s fresh lab-treated red-blood-cell-rich blood into his body in an effort to gain an unfair advantage over his competition, which advantage he did gain, winning 2 stages of the tour de france, even after a spectacular failure and appearance of irrecoverable weakness earlier in the race. interesting.)