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Race, Ethnicty & New Media Symposium

20 Apr 2009

MHB will be presenting his American-Muslim Consumer research at the Texas A&M Race and Ethnic Studies Institute conference on April 30th.


14 Apr 2009

UK fashionista fave TopShop just opened its first NYC store. Wheatpaste adverts abound. And next to some of the official ads, lurk posters that seem to poke fun at spokesmodel Kate Moss and the brand. Yet they are rather harmless and in keeping with both the brand spirit and aesthetic. So it makes me wonder […]

Work: NY Ink

10 Apr 2009

Here’s a short doc piece I just did for Format magazine. What you’ll see is a brief look inside the world of the tattoo artist. Three NYC buzzers talk about process, inspiration, and adventures with the needle. We visit inside a popular Harlem parlor, The Black Ink Gallery, and an underground space in Queens. What […]