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The Alice Bond Bag

25 Aug 2009

Earlier this summer, MHB worked with fashion designer Rachel Nasvik and creative strategist Biba Milioto on a project called The Alice Bond Bag. The challenge was: How can a small company with lovely customers and a valued product increase brand awareness? The answer was to make a limited-edition of 96 bags and create a citywide […]

Asian Efficiency

24 Aug 2009

One of the best books I’ve read in ’09 is Digitizing Race by Lisa Nakamura. In her essay The Social Optics of Race, she writes that the racio-visual logic of…science fiction films that depict interface use set up distinct roles for particular races, and distinct ways of conceptualizing the racialized body as informational property… [and […]

ABC News: The Alice Bond Bag

11 Aug 2009

ABC just included the Alice Bond Bag in their roundup of ‘Crazy & Creative Advertising’

MSNBC: The Alice Bond Bag

10 Aug 2009

MSNBC’s Your Business featured The Alice Bond Bag in an episode called Learning From the Pirates. The thesis of the piece is that businesses can use the marketplace of piracy as an asset if engaged intelligently.