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24 Nov 2009

PK and MHB are shooting a music video for Crookers, bopping all about Brooklyn before Thanksgiving. We’re going to be running fast, feeling like we’re in Sabotage. And you know we like maps, so here’s where we’ll be, all in a day’s work.

Bite Me

13 Nov 2009

This is a promo we did for HBO’s True Blood via their ad agency. The number 1-877-TO-BITE-U is no-longer active. Which is a bummer, because the youtube commenters were really getting their kicks from calling it again and again during the campaign.


13 Nov 2009

A music video for the band Neutral Mute. The song SOE (State of Elation) features a distraught foray into manic depression.

Show Me What I'm Looking For

04 Jul 2009

Last year MHB spent July 4th in Atlantic City producing a Carolina Liar music video for the famous pop director Diane Martel. This summer, the vid is in heavy rotation on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown and the track can be heard on just about every soul searching teenage TV show.

SOE – and the hustle

27 Jan 2009

File this under the “they shoot things, don’t they?” category. This collaboration followed from the series of 20 music docs about New York City bands we did for Sony a couple years back. Lead singer DJ McNanny’s former band Neutral Mute and I collaborated on what became a kind of pet project — shooting footage […]