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Bradford Young, the Legend Grows

30 Jan 2011

Desedo family member Bradford Young has done it again. This time the venue is the Sundance film festival where he has won the Cinematography award for the U.S. film Pariah. We suspect that it is also the first of many great distinctions to come. The film, directed by Dee Rees, played the festival a year […]

Own The Night

20 Nov 2010

This past Halloween saw team Desedo plus a few hundred of our closest friends breaking things down in Brooklyn. At some point the camera came out. We’ll call it an exercise in creativity, a night of fun captured on film… Embedded journalism! All of that to say that time marches forward. And we like to […]


18 Sep 2010

That’s a lot of initials. We’re pleased to announce that our project based on Raafi’s screenplay Heart of the City has been accepted into IFP’s No Borders international film market. Our festival buddies from Power to the Pixel, Koo and Zack will also be there with their project 3rd Rail. There will be many meetings […]

They Make Movies, Don't They

28 Jun 2010

In a word: yes. Here are some stills from my recent 5 day shoot in Princeton, NJ. Good times. But you already knew that.


28 Mar 2010

San Francisco, 2063. A service android brand-named PIA has replaced the majority of third tier labor in the United States. Hospital nurses, hotel workers and other maintenance driven industries all use the sleek, black-clad, human-organ powered machine to supplement their human workforce…. Desedo friend Tanuj Chopra was one of 11 filmmakers to tell a story […]