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Bradford Young, the Legend Grows

30 Jan 2011

Desedo family member Bradford Young has done it again. This time the venue is the Sundance film festival where he has won the Cinematography award for the U.S. film Pariah. We suspect that it is also the first of many great distinctions to come. The film, directed by Dee Rees, played the festival a year […]

We. Are. Alive!

16 Mar 2010

Desedo fam Jordan and Brad went out to Red Rocks and shot this gorgeous commercial for McDonald’s. They worked with Abe Froman Productions and the ad agency R+W. The song, which is quite happily stuck in my head, is by Hungry Cloud.


13 Nov 2009

An interview with cinematographer Bradford Young for the lifestyle brand Grustler.


30 Jul 2009

Raafi is down in Jamaica with DP Bradford Young and super producer Karin Chien working on a film and education project for the Rockhouse Foundation. Directing, teaching and, uh, lying on the beach. Topless Raaf pics to follow shortly.

Predator Drones

27 Jul 2009

This week in LA, Paul Kamuf’s short film Windows Vista: Predator Edition will be screening at the LA Shorts Fest and at the Topanga Film Festival. PK will be out there, so if you are too, give us a shout. Below is the film and here be some stills from the shoot.