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30 Jul 2009

Raafi is down in Jamaica with DP Bradford Young and super producer Karin Chien working on a film and education project for the Rockhouse Foundation. Directing, teaching and, uh, lying on the beach. Topless Raaf pics to follow shortly.

The Casual Dining Club

27 Jul 2009

I’ve been wondering about the differences between the wildly successful casual dining restaurants. Houlihan’s vs. Applebee’s vs. TGIFriday’s. And so we’ve started a supperclub to find out. The Casual Dining Club will eat its first meal this Thurday, 7pm at Applebee’s in Times Square. You should join us – email or tweet @michaelhb to RSVP.


27 Jul 2009

On the Desedo contact page, we suggest that if one wants to reach us, s/he could send cookies. And every so often this indeed happens. Last week the best. batch. ever. arrived from Elizabeth Suda, founder of Greensacs. She and I had met last year at an All Day Buffet event, exchanged business cards, and […]

Predator Drones

27 Jul 2009

This week in LA, Paul Kamuf’s short film Windows Vista: Predator Edition will be screening at the LA Shorts Fest and at the Topanga Film Festival. PK will be out there, so if you are too, give us a shout. Below is the film and here be some stills from the shoot.


23 Jul 2009

As the NYT reported today, Geneneration Y’s nostalgia for the 90’s is in full swing. The article attributes this in part to 9/11 + our bad economy = young folks taking refuge in the halcyon days of youth. Agreed. But what I’m also wondering about is how the internet accelerates this process. Is the lifecycle […]