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We. Are. Alive!

16 Mar 2010

Desedo fam Jordan and Brad went out to Red Rocks and shot this gorgeous commercial for McDonald’s. They worked with Abe Froman Productions and the ad agency R+W. The song, which is quite happily stuck in my head, is by Hungry Cloud.


06 Nov 2008

Fearless director Jordan Alport has teamed up with the cheeky wizards at Hopr to helm a spot en espagnol for the service provider Mobile Bridges as they launch their first consumer product suite in the US.

quoi de neuf?

10 Sep 2008

Working on a Bloomingdales digital project for Vox Collective and drinking some Coca Cola with Latino teens for Project 2050, a clip is below:


15 Aug 2008

The word ‘urban’ is often used as ad industry shorthand for black/latino people, as noted by our friend Amanda. Even though we are in the business of communications, few folks speak simply about race. This can make for very circular conversations about casting and locations, some funny, some SMH.