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Swagga Juice

09 Feb 2009

One of the things we’ve been talking about recently at Desedo is the fluidity of identity. How different situations bring out different facets of one’s personality or brand and how this fluidity gives a picture in the round of a complex object. Witness Kanye West performing with Jay-Z in three acts: Hip-hop Hip-hop for adults […]

Mimic Drink

11 Jan 2009

Our pal Sorry I Missed Your Party tipped us to the fact that: MillerCoors is discontinuing Sparks due to government concerns that it was too popular with teenagers and its energy and booze combination was dangerous… I guess I understand that it’s important to protect our impressionable youth; they are our future, after all. [But] […]

Brooklyn We Go Hard

04 Dec 2008
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Love this new vid, made by Evan Roth, one of the originals from Graffiti Research Lab. And, uh, anyone else think Jay cribbed that voice-buckle from Wayne? — link from Michael Karnjanaprakorn

All You See Is Crime in the City

18 Apr 2008

At its root, hip-hop has always mixed tech and middle-finger D.I.Y. with open-source. It’s why there are so many different “purple drank” recipes on the web and the raison d’être of the Urban Dictionary. Enter the Graffiti Research Lab — one of the more novel embodiments of all three of these things, but with the […]

America's Best Dance Crews….

04 Apr 2008

The 2 strongest troupes from the MTV hit America’s Best Dance Crew, Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern, help to illustrate that US BBoying is now very much ‘an Asian thing’. While Asian agency in hip-hop has been big since the late 90’s (turntablism + sneaker culture being the strongest), it’s now gonna go pop on the […]